Border Collies are indeed a beautiful, intelligent breed of dog.  Read on to learn all about Border Collies.

About Border ColliesWhat do Border Collies look like?

When learning about Border Collies, you will soon learn that they are a very good-looking dog.  Here are some aspects to what they look like:

  • Border Collies are medium sized.
  • They have a long body that is a little bit longer than their tail.
  • A Border Collie can have one of two types of coat – either a short coat about one inch long or a longer coat about three inches long.
  • A Border Collie can come in a number of colors including the well known black and white, all black, yellow, white and yellow, gray and black and white and red.

What is a Border Collies personality like?

Another thing you will learn about Border Collies is that not only are they good looking dogs, but they also have great personalities.

  • Border Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds and are eager to learn.
  • Border Colliers love to work and need things to keep them busy.  If Border Collies don’t have things to keep them busy for long periods of time then this can become a problem.
  • Border Collies love attention and need to spend a lot of time with their owners.  If you don’t feel you will have lots of time to spend with your Border Collie, then they may not be the right dog for you.
  • They have lots of energy and therefore need to be exercised every single day.
  • Border Collies are very hard working dogs.  Because of this and their high level of energy, they are often used on farms as herding dogs.
  • The Border Collie is very friendly so if trained correctly will be fine around people and other animals.

How big will a Border Collie get?

The following is information on a Border Collies weight and height:

  • A Border Collie will usually weigh between thirty and forty five pounds (fourteen to twenty kilograms).
  • A Border Collie bitch will usually weigh between twenty seven and forty two pounds (twelve to nineteen kilograms).
  • A Border Collie will usually reach a height of nineteen to twenty two inches (forty to fifty six centimeters).
  • A Border Collie bitch will usually reach a height of eighteen to twenty one inches (forty six to fifty three centimeters).

How long do Border Collies live?

Border Collie’s will usually live around twelve to fifteen years.

How many puppies will a Border Collie have?

If you decide to let our Border Collie have puppies they will usually have anywhere from four to eight.  However the average is six puppies.

Where did Border Collies originate?

You may be interested when learning about Border Collies as to where they originated.

  • Border Collies used to be called Scotch Sheep dogs.
  • They come from a place called Northumberland.
  • They descended from breeds of dogs that Vikings used to herd reindeer.  The Border Collie is still as a herd dog today by farmers. 

Do Border Collies need lots of exercise?

As previously mentioned, Border Collies do need lots of exercise as they are an extremely energetic breed of dog.  They really should be exercised daily.  You can exercise your Border Collie by:

  • Going on long daily walks.
  • Going on runs with your Border Collie.
  • Going to the beach.
  • Going to the dog park.

Do Border Collies get health problems?

Like all breeds of dogs, Border Colliers are prone to certain health problems including:

  • Eye problems
  • Deafness
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia

However, with regular vet check ups you can keep on top of your Border Collies health.

Where can a Border Collie live?

Another thing about Border Collies is that they are a dog that needs lots of space.  Therefore it’s not best to own a Border Collie if you live in an apartment.  It is better if you have a big backyard so that your Border Collie has space to run around in.

When learning about Border Collies you can quickly see that they are an amazing breed of dog.  However, with their high level of intelligence and boundless energy, you need to make sure they are the right dog for you.  They need a lot of love, time and attention.  But if you can offer these, then a Border Collie will make a great companion.