Rough Collies are extremely beautiful dogs with great personalities.  Read on to learn all about Rough Collies.

About Rough ColliesWhat do Rough Collies look like?

  • Rough Collies are very good-looking dogs and quite large in size.
  • They have black eyes shaped like almonds, small ears, a strong neck, a long tail and muscular legs.
  • The Rough Collie comes in a number of colors including sable merle, blue merle, white and sable, white and tricolor.

How big do Rough Collies get?

  • Male rough Collies will usually reach a height of twenty four to twenty six inches and will weigh from sixty to seventy five pounds
  • A rough Collie bitch will usually reach a height of twenty two to twenty four inches and will weigh from fifty to sixty five pounds.

Where do Rough Collies come from?

  • It is thought that Rough Collies descended from herd dogs in Scotland and Wales.
  • Today Rough Collies are still used by farmers for herding, as well as beloved household pets.
  • Rough Collies became even more famous in the 1940’s when the well-known movie ‘Lassie’ came out.

What is a Rough Collies Personality Like?

One of the best things about Rough Collies is their great personality.  A Rough Collies main personality traits include loyalty, intelligence, their love to socialize, their boundless energy and their protectiveness.  These great personality traits are what makes this breed of dog a great pet to own.

Are Rough Collies healthy dogs

When learning about Rough Collies you will discover that they are susceptible to some health problems.  However, this is the case for all breeds of dogs.  If you think your Rough Collie does have a health problem then you should make an appointment at your local vet straight away.  Rough Collie health problems you should be aware of include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems

How long do Rough Collies live?

Rough Collies will usually live between eight and twelve years.

Where can a Rough Collie live?

The important thing you need to know about Rough Collies is that they have lots of energy and need to live somewhere with a bit of space.  Therefore they are not the best dogs to own if you live in an apartment.  Ideally, you need to live in a property with a fenced yard so your Rough Collie has a chance to run around.

Rough Collies make incredible pets due to their beautiful nature and striking looks.  Because of these great reasons, they make great pets.  But remember, this breed of dog does need to be exercised daily and needs lots of attention.  So before you make the commitment of bringing a Rough Collie into your home, you firstly need to make sure you will have the time and energy to give this amazing dog what they need.  If you can do this, they will make a great companion and will become a beloved member of your family!