Smooth Collies make great pets, as they are good-looking dogs with great personalities.   Learn all about Smooth Collies below!

About Smooth ColliesWhat do Smooth Collies look like?

When finding out information about Smooth Collies you will see that they are very nice looking dogs.  Read on to learn more about what Smooth Collies look like:

  • A Smooth Collies coat isn’t very long.  It is smooth in touch, dense and straight.
  • Smooth Collies come in three main colors including sable, tri-color and blue merle.
  •  The male Smooth Collie is bigger than the female Smooth Collie.
  • A Smooth Collies ears almost stand straight up on their head.

How big do Smooth Collies get?

This is a common question people ask about Smooth Collies.  Smooth Collies will usually grow to a height of twenty to twenty six inches.  They will usually weigh from forty to seventy five pounds.

What is a Smooth Collies personality like?

When learning about Smooth Collies, you will quickly learn that they have great personalities.  Some of their personality traits are as follows:

  • Smooth Collies are very intelligent and eager to please which makes them easy to train.
  • They are a very lovable breed and love attention.
  • Smooth Collies are quite social and get on well with children and other animals.  This is a great thing as it means you can normally take a Smooth Collie anywhere!
  • They are also quite sensitive and don’t like being told off.  So when training your Smooth Collie it’s important that you don’t yell or hit them as they won’t respond well to this.
  • They have lots of energy so need daily exercise.
  • They were originally breed as herd dogs and some farmers still use them for herding today.

Where did Smooth Collies originate?

One of the interesting things when learning about Smooth Collies is learning where they originated.  Read on to learn more about this:

  • It is said that Smooth Collies originated from a dog that the Roman invaders took to Scotland back in the fifth century.
  • From here Scotland developed the breed for herding and also for companionship.
  • Queen Victoria became interested in the Smooth Collie breed which increased their popularity greatly.
  • Today the Smooth Collie is used both for herding and as a household pet.

Do Smooth Collies need lots of exercise?

Smooth Collies have lots of energy and therefore need to be exercised daily.  Things you can do to exercise your Smooth Collie include:

  • Going for walks or runs.
  • Playing games in the backyard.
  • Going to the beach or dog park.

Because of their great agility, Smooth Collies also do extremely well in competitions, including herding competitions.

Smooth Collies make excellent pets.  Not only are they beautiful dogs, they are also highly intelligent, friendly and lovable.  However, remember these dogs have plenty of energy.  So make sure you will have time to exercise them daily, before you decide to add one as part of your family.