It’s a dog’s natural instinct to seek a safe place that they can call their own – a crate can be this place for your Collie.  Read on to learn all about Collie crate training.

Collie Crate TrainingSome people think that Collie crate training is cruel.  However, as before mentioned, it’s a dog’s natural instinct to have their own save ‘den’ like space and a crate can provide this.  Therefore, Collie crate training is not cruel, but instead a great benefit for both you and your Collie.

The great things about Collie crate training

  • Having a crate will make your Collie feel safe and they can call it their own.
  • If you need your Collie out of the way for a little bit, you can put them in their crate to keep them out of trouble.
  • Having a crate actually helps with potty training.
  • It’s a place where you can keep all their chew toys – this could save some of your good shoes!

What TO DO when Collie crate training

  • Have the crate ready at home before you bring your new Collie home.
  • Make sure the crate is big enough for your Collie.  It needs to be big enough so they can turn around comfortably inside.  However it also can’t be too big so that they can wander around in it as then they may go to the toilet inside.
  • Have a set place for the crate.  If you move it around your Collie may get confused so just keep it in the one spot.
  • Put lots of your Collies favorite toys inside to keep them entertained.
  • Make sure the inside of the crate is a nice and comfy environment for your Collie.  For example put a nice mattress and blankets inside.

What NOT TO DO when Collie crate training

  • Do not keep your Collie in the crate for too long a period at a time.  They should really only be in there for a couple of hours.
  • Never, ever use the crate as a form of punishment!  You need to encourage your Collie to love their crate so if they think of it as a punishment then they won’t be so eager to use the crate as their safe place.
  • Do not feed your Collie in the crate as this may encourage them to go to the toilet inside.

Some further great tips on Collie crate training

  • Put the crate where you can see it, but not in a place where it’s quite noisy.
  • A great way to encourage your Collie to go inside the crate is with treats.  Put a treat inside the crate then let your Collie go inside and explore it in their own time.  This will slowly get your Collie used to their crate.
  • If you Collie keeps resisting the crate then keep bringing them back by using treats.  You may need to repeat this a number of times before your Collie does get used to the crate.
  • When your Collie does go into the crate make sure you give them lots of praise and affection.  This will show them that going into the crate is a good thing.
  • Once your Collie has started going into the crate a couple of times you can then close the door – but only for a couple of minutes.  Over time you can progressively increase this time.
  • If your Collie whines or barks inside the crate when the door is shut do not take them out.  If you do, then they will just associate barking and whining with getting removed from the crate.  Instead, wait until they have been quite for five minutes before you take them from the crate.
  • Be patient, it may take a little bit of time for your Collie to get fully used to their crate.

Collie crate training may seem difficult to begin with but the rewards with be great.  It’s an excellent training tool plus your Collie will have a safe place that they can call their own.  So start Collie crate training today!