Collies are extremely intelligent dogs and without training they may become hard to handle.  So it’s best to start training your Collie as soon as they enter your home.  Read on to learn some great Collie training advice.

Collie Training?As previously mentioned, Collies are very intelligent.  In fact, Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds out there.  They also have lots of energy.  Because of these reasons, if Collie’s aren’t trained property you may find them very hard to control.  So, read on to learn some great Collie training advice.


The most important Collie training advice that we can give you is to establish your leadership position as soon as you bring your Collie into your home – you need to show your Collie you are in charge of your pack (family).  If they don’t see you as the leader, then they may do as they please and will be very difficult to train.  You can establish this leadership position by making sure you and your family eat before your Collie.  Also, make sure when you get home that you give your family attention before focusing on your Collie.  Your Collie will soon learn that you are the leader, and they should obey you.  This will make training a whole lot easier!

Collie Crate Training

Crate training is a great method to use when Collie training.  It is said that crate training will help improve Collie problems including excessive barking, separation anxiety and potty training accidents.  It will also give your Collie a place that they can call their very own which will make your Collie feel safe, secure and happy.

Socialization of your Collie

Another Collie training tip is to socialize your Collie.  Take them to places where they can meet lots of other people and animals.  For example go on lots of walks around your neighborhood, go to the dog park, or the beach etc.  The more you socialize your Collie, the better!  If you don’t socialize your Collie then they may become anxious when they do come across people or animals they’re unsure of.  An anxious, unsocial Collie will be much harder to train than a Collie that has been around a lot of people and animals.

Collie Training Basics

It’s exciting to teach your Collie new things.  However, if you’re just starting out Collie training, it’s best to begin with the basic commands sit, stay and down.  The best method is to repeat these commands over and over again on a daily basis.  Collies are smart, so they should quickly pick up these simple commands.  Once the basics are mastered, you can move on to more complicated Collie training.

Rewarding your Collie

Rewards are incredibly important when Collie training.  If you Collie does something good, then reward with lots of cuddles and affection.  This will encourage them to do well.  But, never, ever hit or yell at your Collie if they do something wrong.  This will make your Collie confused and will make training much more difficult.

Collie Obedience Classes

If you are finding it hard to train your Collie yourself then you can look at maybe going to a local dog obedience class.  The trainers at these classes will offer great training tips and advice.  As a bonus, these classes are a great way to socialize your Collie with other dogs!  If an obedience class isn’t your thing then there are trainers out there who will come to your home instead.

The above information will make Collie training a lot easier.  And remember, if you don’t train your Collie then they may end up with a mind of their own.  So start Collie training today!