You may wonder if Collies and kids will get along together.  The answer is yes, however it will take some work from both your children and your Collie.

Collies and KidsYou can have a Collie that will get on wonderfully with your kids.  However there is always the ever-present chance that your Collie may take a nip at you child.  This can be controlled however.  Read on to learn some great tips about Collies and kids.

  • The first thing you need to do in regards to Collies and kids is to show your Collie that your kids come before them in the ‘pack’ (your family).  If they see your child as above them in the ‘pack’ then they will be less likely to ever try and bite them.
  • Don’t let your children play dominance games with your Collie such as tug of war or play fighting.  If you child looses then your Collie will think that they have won and will feel they are higher up than your children in the ‘pack’.  If your Collie thinks this then it may increase the chance of your kids being bitten at a later time.  Instead get your kids to play other games such as fetch.
  • You also shouldn’t get your Collie and kids play chase until your child is able to do the chasing instead of the Collie.  If your Collie is the one doing the chasing then, again, they will think they are more dominant than your children.
  • Wait until your children are old enough before you leave them alone with your Collie.  This is usually when your children are around ten years of age.  However, if your child reaches this age and you still don’t feel comfortable, then don’t leave your Collie alone with them.
  • Another good idea in regards to Collies and kids is to get your children to feed your Collie.  This will again show your Collie that your children are higher up in the ‘pack‘ than they are.
  • To begin with, never let your kids pay lots of attention to your Collies face as this may encourage your Collie to take a nip.  At a later stage when your Collie is more comfortable around children, then you may be able to relax a little with this rule.  However, you need to be absolutely certain.
  • Get your children to help you show your Collie simple commands.  For example get your child to help your Collie lie down.  If your Collies see’s your child giving them commands, then they will again think of them as higher up in the ‘pack’ than them.
  • Another way to reinforce to your Collie that your child is above them in the ‘pack’ is to never let your Collie be higher than them.  For example, don’t let your Collie sit on the sofa where they will be higher than your child.
  • Another important thing to remember with Collies and kids is that it is not all down to the Collie.  Your children also have to respect your Collie.  They need to learn how to play properly with them without irritating them.  If you let them play inappropriately with your Collie and your Collie nips, then you cannot blame your Collie.  So teach your children to respect your Collie from an early age.  This will be mutually beneficial for you, your children and your Collie.
  • If your Collie does take nips at your children and you can’t control it then you should get a professional dog trainer in to help as soon as possible.  You need to do this before something serious happens.

Collies and kids will get along.  But remember there needs to be respect from both your children and your Collie for this to work.  And you need to prove to your Collie from an early age that your children are above them in the ‘pack’.  If you do this, you should have a happy relationship between your Collie and kids!