Collies are very smart dogs with plenty of energy.  Without training they may become hard to handle.  Therefore, it’s vital you begin training your Collie right from the puppy stage.  Keep reading to learn how to train a Collie Puppy.

How to Train a Collie PuppyCollies are extremely intelligent and you can teach them quite complicated things.  However, when you first bring your new Collie puppy into your home, it’s best to start with the basics.  Once these are mastered, you can move on to more complicated things.

The first things you need to teach your Collie puppy are as follows.

  • Potty training
  • Basic commands
  • Leash Training

Keep reading to learn more in-depth information on each of these.

Potty Training your Collie Puppy

Potty training is one of the most important things you can teach your Collie puppy.  Read on to learn more:

  • The most important thing when learning how to train a Collie puppy is to be patient – especially with potty training!  You need to expect that you will have some accidents on your carpet or mats.
  • Ideally you should begin by having set times for when your Collie puppy goes to the toilet.  At the puppy stage this should probably be every two hours and also after meal times.
  • It’s best to have a set area for your Collie puppy to go potty.  This could either be a place in your backyard or some newspaper inside somewhere.  Take your Collie to this same location each time you think they need to go potty.
  • If your Collie puppy does go in the right area then reward them with lots of cuddles and affection.  This will encourage your Collie puppy to go in the correct spot.  Overtime they will automatically go to this area on their own.
  • It’s vital that you never get angry and yell or hit your Collie puppy if they do go on your carpet by accident.  This will make them confused and anxious and will just prolong the potty training process.
  • Remember, time and patience is the key when potty training your Collie puppy.

Teaching you Collie Puppy Basic Commands

Teaching new commands to your Collie puppy is fun.  But remember, start with the basics first.  Read on to learn how to train a Collie puppy to do basic commands:

  • The basic commands you should begin with are ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘stay’.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat!  The more you repeat these commands, the quicker your Collie puppy will remember them.
  • Collies get easily distracted with what’s going on around them so shorter training sessions every day will work better than one long session every so often.  So try to do fifteen minutes of basic command training every single day.
  • If your Collie puppy does a command correctly then reward them with lots of praise, affection and treats.  This will encourage your Collie puppy to learn the commands.
  • Collies are intelligent so once they learn these basic commands they will usually remember them for life.

Leash Training Your Collie Puppy

Leash training is really important as it means you can safely control your Collie puppy outside your property.  Read on to learn how to leash train a Collie puppy:

  • It will take time for your Collie puppy to get used to their collar and leash so be patient.  Let them get a feel for the leash and collar before you take them on their first walk.
  • You Collie puppy will want to lead you to begin with so use treats and affection to get them to come to you so you can be the leader.
  • Remember it will take time and patience but Collies are intelligent and will soon become an expert at being on the leash.

Learning how to train a Collie puppy may seem like a big task.  However, Collies are smart dogs and like to learn.  If you begin basic training from the puppy stage you should have a well-trained Collie – so start training your Collie puppy today!