Collies have wonderful personalities – they are loving, energetic and highly intelligent.  Although Collies have these great personality traits, like all breeds of dogs, they can still become aggressive.  This can be dangerous, especially if you have children.  Luckily it can be controlled – keep reading to learn how to stop Collie aggression.

Stop Collie AggressionFor the safely of your family, it’s best to stop Collie aggression the moment it begins.  If you let it carry on, it will just get worse and worse.

The Different Types of Collie Aggression

There are three types of aggression your Collie could have – biting, growling and jumping.  Keep reading to learn more.

  • Biting is probably the most serious type of aggression your Collie can get.  Biting can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you have small children.  If your Collie does get aggressive and tries to bite you then it’s important that you take the steps to stop this aggressive behavior as soon as possible.
  • Growling is another type of Collie aggression.  It is normal behavior when playing with your Collie for them to sometimes growl.  However, it is definitely not okay if your Collie growls when you go near their food or take away one of their toys.  If this is happening then you need to take the steps to stop this Collie growling aggression.
  • Another form of Collie aggression is jumping.  A Collie will usually jump as a sign of dominance.  Jumping isn’t as serious as growling or biting but it still shouldn’t be tolerated.  If your Collie does have a habit of jumping aggressively, then again, you need to take steps to control it.

If your Collie does bite, growl or jump then it’s important to take the steps to stop this Collie aggression.  The following tips and information will be able to help you go about this.

How to Stop Collie Aggression

If you Collie is acting aggressively then the following tips should help you greatly.

  • One of the reasons your Collie may act aggressively is because they may be trying to become the dominant leader of your household.  You can stop this aggressive behavior by becoming the dominant leader of the household yourself.  Once your Collies sees that you are the leader and protector they will become less aggressive as they will know that it’s your responsibility, not theirs, to protect the household.    Some of the ways you can establish your leadership position is by eating your meals before your Collie and by always going through the door first before your Collie.
  • One of the best ways to stop Collie aggression is to begin obedience training from the puppy stage.  If your Collie is well-trained and listens to you then it will be much easier to stop Collie aggression if it occurs later on.
  • When training, it’s vital you never harm or yell at your Collie if they do something wrong.  If you use this type of aggression against your Collie then they will think that being aggressive is okay.  So remember, to stop Collie aggression from happening, only use positive reinforcement.
  • A Collie who isn’t socialized may become aggressive when they’re around people or animals they’re unsure of.  To stop this aggression from happening it’s important to socialize your Collie as much as possible from an early age.  The best way to socialize your Collie is by taking them on outings to places where there are lots of other people and animals.  For example you could join an obedience class where there are other dogs or go a dog park with your Collie.  So remember, it’s vital you start socializing your Collie from an early age to stop Collie aggression!
  • Collies can sense your mood.  For your example, your Collie may sense if someone is making you unhappy or angry.  As a means to protect you, your Collie may become aggressive.  If someone was robbing your house, then this would be a great thing.  However, if you were just having a heated discussion with a friend, then this wouldn’t be okay!  So at any stage, if you feel you are getting angry and are worried that your Collie might act aggressively, it may be best to move them to another area of your house.

It’s in a Collies nature to act aggressively sometimes as a form of protection.  However, if you feel it’s getting out of control then you need to take the steps to stop Collie aggression straight away.  If you find you can’t control stop your Collies aggression yourself, then it may be best to get a professional trainer in to help.  Remember, it’s vital to stop Collie aggression as soon as it begins – for the safety of you and your family!