Does your Collie get upset when you leave your home?  Do they bark and howl for hours when they’re alone?  If you answered yes then your Collie may have separation anxiety.  Learn how to stop Collie separation anxiety below!

Stop Collie Separation AnxietySeparation anxiety is not a nice thing for your Collie to have at all.  If your Collie does have separation anxiety they will feel very unhappy and anxious when you are not home.  Therefore, it’s really important that you take the steps to stop Collie separation anxiety from occurring.  The following tips and information will help you do this.

How to Stop Collie Separation Anxiety

The following information will help you to stop Collie separation anxiety:

  • It’s normal to want to give your beloved Collie lots of cuddles and attention before you leave or after you arrive home.  However, by doing this you are just associating attention and cuddles with you leaving – you’re basically just encouraging your Collies separation anxiety.  To stop this you need to stop giving your Collie attention before you leave your home.  And when you return do not give your Collie attention for the first ten or so minutes after you arrive.  This may seem really mean but it’s vital for the well being of your Collie.  The sooner your stop this association between attention and your comings and goings, the less chance your Collie will have of getting separation anxiety.
  • Do you notice your Collie starting to get anxious the moment you hop in the shower in the morning?  Or when your alarm goes off?  This may be because when your Collie sees you doing these things, it triggers their separation anxiety, as they know you will be leaving soon.   Therefore, changing your routine is a great way to stop Collie separation anxiety.  There are a number of ways you can do this.  For example you could frequently change the time you get up or the time you shower  – the more you mix up your routine the better!  By doing this you will greatly reduce or even stop Collie separation anxiety.
  • Your Collie may get separation anxiety as they could be worried that you won’t come back home after you leave.  So, a great way to stop Collie separation anxiety is to prove to your Collie that you will be coming home.  The way to do this is to slowly build up the amount of time you’re away from your home.  For example, to begin with, only leave your home for a couple of minutes and then return.  Slowly but steadily build up the amount of time you are away.  Every time your Collie sees you return they will get less anxious.  After time you will be able to leave for a much longer period of time without your Collie becoming anxious as they will know that you will definitely be returning.

Separation anxiety is not a nice thing at all for your beloved Collie to have.  It will make them feel stressed, anxious and unhappy.  If you feel your Collie does have separation anxiety then its really important you use the information in this article to try and stop it.  The sooner you stop Collie separation anxiety, the happier your Collie will be!