Collies are very intelligent dogs with lots of energy.  Because of this, they are excellent at agility training.  If you are interested in teaching Collies agility then you’re in the right place.  Keep reading to learn more!

Teaching Collies AgilityBefore teaching Collies agility, you firstly have to teach them the basics such as sitting, staying and down.  Once your Collie has mastered these basics you can move on to more complicated agility training.

Collies are great at agility and often do well in competitions.  You can start teaching Collies agility when’re they’re a puppy.  However, it’s best to wait until they are at least a year old before they actually start entering agility competitions.  Even though they are extremely intelligent, teaching Collies agility will take time.  If you are serious and are thinking about entering your Collie into competitions then you may want to think about joining a local dog agility class.  The trainers at these classes are often experts and will be able to offer you lots of training tips and advice.  However, if you only want to teach your Collie agility for fun and to use up some of their boundless energy, then the following information on weave poles and tunnels will help lead you in the right direction.

Your Collie Learning to Weave Poles

Teaching Collies agility is not easy and you will soon realise this when teaching your Collie the ‘weave poles’ as they are one of the hardest things to teach.  Weave poles are poles set in a line which your Collie will weave through.  To begin with set the poles up in your back yard with at least a half a metre between each.  Next, put a leash on your Collie and walk with them through the poles. After repeating a few times, put the poles closer to each other.  Having the poles closer means your Collie will have to move around the poles in a  ‘weave’ like motion.  If your Collie does the weave poles correctly reward them with cuddles and treats.  Remember, your Collie will not learn to do weave poles within the first few weeks.  It may take a couple of months for your Collie to get the hang of it.  But if you take the time to practice and are patient, your Collie can become an expert at the weave poles.

Learning Tunnels is a favorite for Collies!

When teaching Collies agility, the easiest obstacle for your Collie to learn is probably going through a tunnel.  When beginning tunnel training, your Collie needs to easily be able to see out the end of the tunnel so they don’t get anxious.  So it’s best to get a tunnel that isn’t too long to start with.  Have a friend or family member stand at the end of the tunnel with one of your Collies toys or a yummy treat.  You then need to get your Collie to enter the beginning of the tunnel.  It’s best to use a word to instruct them to do this such as “tunnel”. Have the person at the end of the tunnel encourage your Collie to come to them by using the toy or treats.  Once your Collie reaches the end give them lots of praise.  When you feel your Collie is used to the shorter tunnel, you can start bringing in longer tunnels.

Agility training is great for Collies!  It lets them use their intelligent and also some of their plentiful energy.  However, weave poles and tunnels is only just the beginning of teaching Collies agility – there is so much more you can teach at home!  However, as before mentioned, if you are thinking about entering professional agility competitions with your Collie then it’s probably best to join an agility class with experienced trainers.