Have you already taught your Collie to sit, stay and lie down?  Do you want to teach your Collie more complicated things?  You’re in the right place!  Keep reading the following information on teaching Collie tricks to learn more!

Teaching Collies TricksCollies are extremely intelligent which makes teaching them new tricks a lot easier.  Teaching your Collie tricks is also a great way of using up some of your Collies boundless energy!  Three fun tricks you can teach your Collie include:

  • Teaching your Collie to fetch
  • Teaching your collie to give you kisses
  • Teaching your Collie to jump through a hoop

Read on to learn how to teach your Collie these three amazing tricks!

Teach your Collie to fetch

Fetch is a great trick to teach your Collie!  Collies have always loved chasing things, which makes teaching fetch a whole lot easier.  The best way to teach fetch is to throw a ball or stick and yell “fetch”.  Every time your Collie returns the ball or stick back to you give them lots of rewards such as affections or cuddles or treats.  Remember, they will not bring the ball or stick back to you straight away – it will take some time for them to get the hang of it.  But with lots of practice your Collie will soon become excellent at fetch and it will be a fun game for you both to play.

Teach your Collie to give you kisses

When teaching your Collies tricks, kisses is probably the cutest!  But you need to be able to handle a little bit of Collie slobber!   The best way to teach this is to put something yummy that your Collie likes to eat on the side of your face such as some soft dog food.  Speak the word ‘kiss’ and let your Collie use their tongue to lick the yummy food off the side of your face.  Remember, if your Collie does the trick correctly to reward them with cuddles and affection.  After time you will be able to do this trick without having to put food on the side of your face.  This is a really cute trick to show your friends and family!

Teach your Collie to jump through hoops

When teaching Collies tricks, a lot of people want to learn how to teach Collies to jump through hoops.  Collies have great agility so they are excellent at this trick.  Firstly you need to get your Collie used to the hoop – the best thing is to let them have a sniff of it.  You then need to get someone to hold the hoop – to begin with, get them to hold it quite close to the ground.  Finally lead your Collie into the hoop.  Once they are out the other side give them a reward such as cuddles and affection or a yummy treat.  You will need to do this over and over again.  Each time hold the hoop a little further off the ground.  The more you practice, the better your Collie will get at this spectacular trick!

Teaching your collie to fetch, to give kisses and to jump through hoops is only the beginning.  There are so many more tricks out there that you can teach your Collie!  Not only is teaching your Collie tricks a great way to use up some of their plentiful energy, but it’s also a great way to bond with your Collie.  So start teaching Collies tricks today!